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Tablet: The Most Reliable Pharmacy in Pakistan

As the most reputable pharmacy and healthcare platform in Pakistan, we strive to give consumers all over the nation easy access to a large selection of medications, medical supplies, and services. With our user-friendly website, you can now purchase consumer care, healthcare, and medication products online.

Tablet provides a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription drug refill options, including genuine and dependable pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, vitamins, medical equipment, infant formula, milk powder, and dietary supplements. With just a few clicks, customers can compare prices, browse the vast product inventory, and place purchases. The platform guarantees the availability of real, authentic products that are obtained straight from licensed producers, distributors, and brands.


Purchase medication online at Tablet

Multivitamins and over-the-counter as well as prescription drugs are available at Tablet. Uploading your medical prescription is required for prescribed medication. Please click this link to place an online pharmaceutical order and upload your prescription. You can easily get over-the-counter (OTC) medication without a prescription by visiting our retail location or ordering online.

Your monthly essentials will be delivered by tablet!

We are aware that it can be challenging to remember when you need to refill your prescription each month. The monthly refill service for tablets makes sure to promptly alert you when these refills are due so you never run out of medical supplies and necessary. Your order will be delivered when it's convenient for you, and you'll receive a monthly reminder with our service!

It is secure and safe

Customer privacy and safety come first. To guarantee safe transactions and safeguard the privacy of user data, Tablet adheres to stringent protocols. Respect for relevant healthcare laws and guidelines is another point of emphasis on the platform. We ensure that no prescription is obtained for restricted medications